August 29 and 31, 2015

Objective: Working in teams, students will calculate the value of different levels of education over their expected work life.  They will display the differences in value on a graph and calculate the return on investment.

Click here to open the Educational Payoff worksheet.

Classwork:  With a partner complete the Educational Payoff worksheet.  This is due at the end of the period.


August 26 and 27, 2015

Students completed the Millionaire Game and had their pictures taken.  In class they completed the “Theme 1” packet.  The homework assignment is to write me a letter about themselves and bring in the signed syllabus signature sheet.

Hello Students!

This year-long class will allow high school students to explore various aspects of personal financial literacy.  Topics will include:  Personal Financial Identity, Income, Financial Institutions, Personal Budgets, Investments, and Careers in Finance.

Your first assignment is to write me a letter about you. Please include things like your family, your school activities and sports, languages you speak and for how long, what you would like to learn in this class and anything else you would like me to know about yourself.  It is due at the beginning of class on Thursday.